MIX, Artist: Shikhant Sablania

  • Shikhant is a multidisciplinary artist from New Delhi, India. He works in the field of Painting, Comics, Illustration, and Design. He works on creative problem solving and likes to explore and experiment with various mediums. He also has a keen interest in traveling and exploring stories from around the world. He has worked on various art projects across India and Africa. 

    All these artworks are mixed media on paper collage. In this new series I have been working on a paper that I find around me, instead of buying new paper, I recycle the paper that we usually throw away after everyday use, bills, tickets, etc. I stick them on top of each other, making a collage. And I paint over it. The idea is to give a peek into the mind of the artist while also documenting the everday mundane of our contemporary times. 

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