Frequently asked questions

What is unmake?

UnMake is an initiative by a group of art lovers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to cultivate a sense of environmental consciousness through sustainable art production. While providing business opportunities to independent and emerging artists, UnMake intends to build a global community of environment-conscious art lovers.

What is the goal of UnMake?

Our primary goal is to bring art lovers at one platform Our larger goal for UnMake is to bring ‘Art’ at the forefront as an industry that not only talks but has proved that processes at scale can be sustainable in its entirety.

How much does it cost to sign up?

Zero. We want both of us to work as partners/friends in driving the conversation for sustainability in the arts.

When will UnMake start its operations?

At the moment, we are focussed on building a closed community of art lovers. COVID-19 has its uncertainty but we’ll definitely begin shipping customers’ orders within 6 months post lockdown.

How does anybody sell at UnMake?

A quick registration here to submit the work is all you need to do. We’ll reach back to you with a confirmation as soon as your work is up on the website.

How is UnMake curating the work?

We have a team of professional artists on board who are helping us curate the work.

What cannot be sold on UnMake?

An artwork that incites violence, hatred, racism, discrimination against anybody in society. Any artwork which isn’t owned by you.

Ownership and exclusivity?

Any artwork published on our website is owned by their respective owners. UnMake is just a facilitator to reproduce the artwork with a sustainable lens with due permissions from the artist.

How many copies of their artwork can an artist sell?

As many as an artist wants.

Sourcing of material?

We intend to support the local economy so all our resources will be sourced locally and ethically.

Who can submit the work?

Art knows no boundaries. Artists from anywhere across the world can submit their artwork in these four categories - Graphic art, Painting, Illustration, and Photography.

How are we protecting your artwork at our platform?

Watermarking the artwork. Should you have any other suggestions, please write to us.

Is the platform open to all themes of art (wildlife, nature, etc)?

Absolutely yes.

Are we giving any space to the artist on our platform?

As we begin, we’ll give the space to artists to showcase their work and as we move forward, we’ll continue adding offerings to empower artists in every way.

How does an artist make money?

Artists will earn the full royalty of their artwork.