Unmake is an initiative by a group of art lovers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to cultivate a sense of environmental consciousness. 

While providing business opportunities to independent and emerging artists, UnMake intends to promote sustainable urban livability. 

For centuries art has been a medium of change. It has proven to be a powerful tool for altering cultures, societal structures, and civilizations. Our goal is to give a new perspective on art production, which will inspire other industries to move towards a sustainable future.

Reimagining Sustainability with

So, this is how we make it happen.

We reproduce the work of artists using locally sourced, sustainable, and recycled material with the help of our local partners. 

Creating a 

Global Community of 

Urbanists, architects, and artists.

UnMake strives to bring together like-minded, environment-conscious art lovers, and provide them with a platform to contribute environmental sustainability in their own way. 

Creative minds like you make us who we are.

Cultivating a 

Sense of

Urban Sustainability.

By adopting sustainable means of urban art production, in a subtle way Unmake intends to convey the idea that we need to think 'sustainable'. 
Our actions define our future and each little step matters. 


Valuable Resources 

for better cities of Tomorrow.

Fusing creativity with sustainability. Everything that goes into the production of artworks at UnMake is sourced through upcycling scant resources.

From inks that go into printing to paper on which printing is done, everything we use is carbon neutral.


Business Opportunities

to architects and artists, Worldwide.

Making money by following our passion is something we all love, right? UnMake presents an opportunity for both, budding as well as established artists to showcase their works and let the whole world buy it from them. And, the best part is along the way, you contribute your bit towards a sustainable future as well!


Local Art & Craft

Art and craft carry the richness of a place that gives that place a local yet global identity. We aim to create a fusion of global art with local craft, thus facilitating a unique amalgamation of aesthetics, sustainability, and culture through our products.

Fostering Intercultural fusion

of Art.

The global sourcing of artwork from artists combined with the traditional medium of reproduction brings the best of both the world together. This way, the art transcends the boundaries through 'UnMake' for the people to come together to engage on a larger goal, the need of the hour, 'Sustainability.'

Supported by

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Artists from around the world have already joined the movement. 

Now, it's time for you.

So, ready to make your first move and be a part of this vibrant and growing community?

Unmake awaits artists like you to be a part of this global community.